Passion Creations specialises in large events (with more than 500 guests) and sports photography

What makes Passion Creations Unique

Passion Creations is owned by principal East Timorese born Australian photographer João Tam (Also known as John, for those who can not pronounce his Portuguese name) Ever since he was young, photography was a passion that João upheld, and continues to uphold, affirming it as a form of art and journalism that is easy to oversimplify and misconstrue. Photography for João began as a journey with the interest to capture the beauty in every day life. Having worked with many photographers and learning different styles João learnt that he was more excited about standing back to capture the memories as the event unfolds, rather than standing in “Your face” telling you what to do. As a photography teacher João is more than happy to share his learnings with anyone who is willing to learn. 


Passion Creations will work with the customer to ensure they are more than happy with their service. There is no time limit on any photoshoot. Passion Creations will not leave until the event is finished. All team members provide the highest level of customer service ensuring that we are always smiling, helpful, flexible and adaptable to the customers needs. 

What we can offer you

The final product that Passion Creation presents to you is more than a creation that owes itself to design and technique, it is also the result of an effective rapport between us and you. Through the management of Passion Creations as a whole, as well as through captivating photography, Passion Creation strives to bring you a truly intimate and personalised service - immortalising the beauty of your memories.

Passion Creations objective is to preserve and capture all those memories that are so important to you personally … and it’s about your life, from different angles. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a comprehensive and affordable package that is personally tailored to suit you and your special event. The purpose of our website is to allow our customers to view their memorable moments with their family and friends (using secure and private logins and links) and have the choice of printing or downloading their photos.

Passion Creations Motto/Slogan - Love, Capture, Create and Share

We LOVE what we do, this allows us to CAPTURE the best memories for you and to CREATE that special something to SHARE with your loved ones.